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Masters of Foxhounds
Dee Dee Mausteller, MFH   
Edward D. Mitchell, MFH   
Travis D. Gibson, MFH   

Honorary Hunt Secretary

Cynthia Long-Porter


Martyn Blackmore  

First Whipper-In
Sue Blackmore

Honorary Whippers-In

Travis Gibson, MFH

Allison Harcourt

Jerel Johnson

Robin Somers-Strom

Road Whippers-In
Robert "Sparky" Harcourt

Field Masters

Edward Mitchell, MFH

Travis Gibson, MFH

Jim Daniels

Christine Sweet

Board of Directors

President:  Katherine Mitchell

Vice-President: Merri Musso

 Treasurer:  Tim Watson

Secretary:  Elaine Honeycutt


Mary Finney

Jerel Johnson

Cynthia Long Porter

Mark Wenger

Communications Chair

Amie Perryman

Fundraising Chair

Marcy Molinaro

Membership Chair and Past President
Christine Sweet

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