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  • Wednesday, March 27, 2024 11:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    by Sue Blackmore, Professional Whipper-In

    Back in the fall of ’22, a couple of friends from NC came to visit and hunt with us. They brought another couple along and we were introduced to Ian and his fiancée, Shannon. Our new friends, who hunt with Red Mountain Hounds, had such an enjoyable time hunting as guests with PAH and, after hearing from Martyn of his desire to have grass (exercise) yards for the hounds, Ian generously offered his professional services, for no payment, to erect the fencing using the materials saved from a previous grass yard, that was taken down to get the huntsman’s house in situ. My, was the huntsman happy!

    It was mid-July of ’23 when Ian, Shannon and a stock trailer full of necessary tools arrived. It turned out to be the hottest week of the summer but they, along with Martyn and a committed team of PAH members and staff, toiled for three days of blood (sometimes) sweat (constantly) and tears (some) in 90 degree plus weather until, due to not quite enough materials, the foreman ordered “down tools” Not one store in the area had what was needed to complete Ian’s project so, consequently, he and Shannon headed back to NC.

    Due to Life getting in the way, for all parties involved, it was not until the first day of March, this year, that the now married couple, Ian and Shannon, returned with the materials to finish the fencing and with a gang, again of PAH people, got the job done in one day.

    These grass yards, one for the bitches and one for the dogs, will be for hounds to be turned out in whilst their lodges and yards are being cleaned up, so will never be left unattended. This playtime will not replace their daily exercise, and they will still be walked out, once they are fed back in their kennels, every morning.

    We are eternally grateful to Ian and Shannon and PAH welcomes them back whenever they can get here, and when certain life events are not an issue!
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2024 11:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Please join us in congratulating the following PAH Members who were recognized with awards and commendations by the Masters at our Closing Meet Breakfast:

    The William A. Whitehurst Memorial Trophy

    Robin Somers-Strom

    The Mausteller Perpetual Award

    Teresa Gregory


       Tim Watson

         Carolyn Fitzgerald

         Tim Porter


       Alex Cromer

         Claudia Sands

         Patrick McCarthy



    The William A. Whitehurst Memorial Trophy was established in 1998 in memory of long-time supporter and former Master of Foxhounds, Billy Whitehurst, in recognition of his outstanding service and dedication to Princess Anne Hunt. His love of the sport of foxhunting continues to be an inspiration to us all. This trophy is given annually at Closing Meet to a member who has demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to Princess Anne Hunt.

    1999 Lee and Tec Sease 

    2000 W. Michael Adams, MFH 

    2001 Cherylle Wornom (Lang)

    2002 Miriam and James A. Daniels, Jr., MFH 

    2003 Linda and Peter Ault 

    2004 Bonnie Mershon 

    2005 George A. Smith

    2006 Cindy and David Chewning

    2007 Jack Ferguson, MFH

    2008 Paynie Tyler

    2009 Linda and Joe DeFazio

    2010 Mike and Dee Dee Mausteller, MFH

    2011 Nancy and Dick Nance

    2012 Christine Sweet

    2013 Edward D. Mitchell, MFH

    2014 Hester and Tim Coyne

    2015 Thomas G. Vance

    2016 Harrison R. Tyler

    2017 James Raine, Huntsman

    2018 Judee and Gil Calkins

    2019 Jim Daniels

    2020 Cynthia Long-Porter

    2021 Mike Maddocks (in Memoriam) 

    2022 Travis D. Gibson, MFH

    2023 Katherine Mitchell

    2024 Robin Somers-Strom


    The Mausteller Perpetual Award is in honor of Ex-MFH Dee Dee Mausteller, who served as Master of Foxhounds with PAH from 2012-2023. Her ceaseless dedication to hounds, hunting and staff was remarkable. Dee Dee was the hero behind the scenes many times and enforcer of proper etiquette and codes of hunting. This trophy is given annually at Closing Meet to an Honorary Staff member who has demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to the hounds and hunting.

    2023 Allison Harcourt

    2024 Teresa Gregory


    The privilege of wearing a hunt’s buttons and/or distinctive collar is awarded at the discretion of the Masters.  It’s an honor, and also brings with it responsibility for the wearer. It means the Masters consider you a valued member of the hunt, based on your participation year 'round in supporting the hunt, and your abilities in the hunt field. Other riders should be able to look to you for assistance in the field during a hunting day. You know the country, and the landowners, and help to keep them happy. Prerequisites may include hunting regularly to gain knowledge of the hunt country, participating in Hunt events, and assisting with the affairs of the Hunt.  Any member awarded colors should, in the opinion of the Masters, be a person knowledgeable of Foxhunting etiquette, and a proficient rider, who when hunting with any Hunt, would be a good representative for PAH.  Buttons and Colors may be awarded by the Masters at any time during the year.

    Members who have been awarded BUTTONS are entitled to wear black “P.A.H.” buttons on their hunt coat.

    Members who have been awarded their COLORS are entitled to wear the PAH colors (Apple Green) on their collar and “P.A.H.” buttons on their hunt coat.  Gentlemen and Staff can wear a pink coat, as well as different boot tops (brown for anyone wearing a pink coat and black patent leather for ladies). 


    The MFHA Fairly Hunted Award acknowledges juniors 18 and under who participate in mounted hunting with hounds. 

    Each year, the award is presented by the PAH Masters on behalf of the Masters of Foxhounds Association to any junior who has hunted with PAH 5+ times during that season. Recipients receive an MFHA pin, a Certificate of Achievement, and a 1-year subscription to the MFHA magazine: Covertside.

  • Monday, March 18, 2024 11:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    97th Annual Hunt Ball 

    by Carolyn Fitzgerald, Hunt Ball Chair

    Many thanks to all volunteers, auction donors, auction bidders, and guests who made the 97th Annual Princess Anne Hunt Ball our highest netting Hunt Ball EVER!! Together, we entertained 132 landowners, members and guests and ....

    You heard it here first:  raised at least $59,000 for the hounds!! 

    How wonderful to be able to secure the funds needed to supplement our membership dues while having so much fun! During our highest grossing Raise-the-paddle ever, we came $4,000 shy of raising the $19,000 needed to reach our $50,000 goal for the Hunt Preservation Fund this year.

    The live auction, offered guests vacations in the US and abroad as well as some pretty special experiences at home. Winners will enjoy vacations at Massanutten, the Outer Banks, Portugal, Idaho, and Montana. Twenty guests will be going with Martyn to Exmoor, England September 1; 10 will dine with the Masters; 10 will get a VIP tent and lunch with Polo; 16 will be playing Croquet on the lawn at Westover. 

    There are a few spots left for a book discussion with Rita Mae Brown at Evelynton on May 11; as well as a professional portrait session with you and your horse on June 1. Contact if you are interested. Many thanks to auction donors:  William and Kay Tyler, the Granville/1850 Investment Team, Christel and Doug Stanley, the Calkins, Jeanine Hinson, the Erda family,  Robin Somers-Strom and Martha Culpepper and the Masters for your contributions.

    The "Western Elegant" theme was enjoyed by all, and our guests turned out respectably in an array of Cowboy Hats, Bolo Ties, Fringe, Furs, Ruffles, and Boots. Don't believe me? Check out our Photo Booth Pictures, props by Gina Sybert! The Commonwealth Club provided a beautiful backdrop and meal; with signature drinks "The Blazing Saddle" and the "Desert Rose" created by Troy Arnold. It's always a favorite venue of ours. 

    Elegant thematic centerpieces combined member talents, with floral design by Robin Somers-Strom and Robin Daniels, with horseshoe centerpiece sculptures welded by Miles Godin. Natasha and Brian Gealey did an excellent job putting together a slideshow of photos from our season of hunting. We appreciate Joe and Julia Svetina for providing their wonderful photos!  We also can't forget Martha Culpepper, Master Merrie Musso, Hillary Robertson, and Tim Watson for their help throughout; Katherine Mitchell for curating the Auction; Robin Daniels for donating all the raffle items; Lisa Lannenhennig for help with auction posters; and Ryan Fitzgerald for securing discounted accommodations for guests.

    Master Ed Mitchell directed his second annual PAH Video, edited by Carolyn Fitzgerald. View "A Year in the Life of Hunting" HERE. Feel free to watch and share with anyone that is wondering what the heck you do with Princess Anne Hunt all year!

    Many came prepared to dance, from attending a Country Dance Class the week before the ball coordinated by Christel Stanley. The band, En’novation, secured by Debbie and Doug Hackman, was a blast and the dance floor was full until the band finished at 11 pm.  

    It was a joyful conclusion to our 97th Hunt Season, and we look forward to more fun with Princess Anne Hunt in the coming months (Trail Ride, anyone?). We’ll stay in touch through e-mail, our website and Facebook. 

    Tally Ho!

    The Masters and Board of Directors would like to extend a warm and sincere thanks to Hunt Ball Chair Carolyn Fitzgerald and the Hunt Ball committee for doing such an excellent job organizing such a fun and successful fundraiser for Princess Anne Hunt. Kudos!

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2024 1:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to Master Travis Gibson for organizing a successful Junior day; and Master Merri Musso and her event team* for putting together a wonderful Stirrup Cup, Tailgate and Breakfast; and Debbie and Doug Hackman for hosting at River Ridge.  Princess Anne Hunt welcomed 19 juniors that day along with their chaperones. We had a dedicated junior flight led by Master Travis Gibson and juniors were also invited to join 1st, 2nd and 3rd flights. One junior even had the experience of riding with honorary whipper in Jerel Johnson to see what that job was all about. This will become an annual event so please look for future Junior Hunt invitations. 

    *Thanks to the Junior day Event Team: Merri Musso, Natasha Gealey, Janice Perkins, Kim Burnett, Jan Milner, Vanessa Roselli, Hannah VanHuss. Theresa Ponziani, Jim Daniels, Robin Somers-Strom, Kelly Jordan,

  • Sunday, January 28, 2024 10:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Reader by Culpeo-Fox on DeviantArt

    Join the Masters at Dogham Farm on Thursday, February 22nd from 6 to 8pm for cocktail refreshment and a fireside chat about the foxhunting murder mystery novel you can read during the cold Winter nights ahead! Read a good book by a popular Virginia Author and Master of Foxhounds; and learn a little bit about foxhunting on and off the field, in a fun, casual setting.

    Selected read - “Outfoxed” by Rita Mae Brown

    Mature content. Juniors under the age of 18 should have parental consent.

    As Master of the prestigious Jefferson Hunt Club, Jane Arnold, known as Sister, is the most revered citizen in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain town where a rigid code of social conduct and deep-seated tradition carry more weight than money. Nearing seventy, Sister now must select a joint master to ensure a smooth transition of leadership after her death. It is an honor of the highest order---and one that any serious social climber would covet like the Holy Grail.

    Virginian to the bone, with a solid foxhunting history, Fontaine Buruss is an obvious candidate, but his penchant for philandering and squandering money has earned him a less than sparkling reputation. And not even Sister knows about his latest tawdry scandal. Then there is Crawford Howard, a Yankee in a small town where Rebel bloodlines are sacred. Still, Crawford has money---lots of it---and as Sister is well aware, maintaining a first-class hunt club is far from cheap.

    With the competition flaring up, Southern gentility flies out the window. Fontaine and Crawford will stop at nothing to discredit each other. Soon the entire town is pulled into a rivalry that is spiraling dangerously out of control. Even the animals have strong opinions, and only Sister is able to maintain objectivity. But when Opening Hunt Day ends in murder, she, too, is stunned.

    Who was bold and skilled enough to commit murder on the field? It could only be someone who knew both the territory and the complex nature of the hunt inside out. Sister knows of three people who qualify ---and only she, with the help of a few clever foxes and hounds, can lay the trap to catch the killer.

      Order the book here. 

  • Thursday, January 04, 2024 6:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    As we enjoy our 97th season of foxhunting the historic properties and farmlands of Charles City and beyond, the Princess Anne Hunt Board of Directors hopes that you will consider supporting Princess Anne Hunt's Hunt Preservation Fund. 

    In 2018, Master Ed Mitchell, with the support of the Board and generous members, raised $130,000 to establish this fund for capital needs and emergencies. Since then, the Hunt Preservation Fund has paid for the down payment on the Huntsman’s house, installation of a new septic field, new pick-up truck and horse trailer, kennel improvements for hound safety and comfort, the acquisition of a new horse; and tracking collars for the hounds.

    Thanks to membership dues and successful Hunt Balls over the last few years, our operating budget is in great shape, so the day-to-day needs of the Huntsman, hounds and horses are being met. The Hunt Preservation Fund must be replenished to be able to continue to meet necessary capital expenses that are outside of the operating budget. The PAH Board is seeking to raise $50,000 over the next two fiscal years--which run May 1-April 30-- for the Hunt Preservation Fund. This will position Princess Anne Hunt for financial strength as we approach our 100th anniversary.

    These funds will be used to complete the much-needed exercise yards for the hounds; roof repairs for the horse stable, additional kennel improvements, maintenance and eventual replacement of the truck and trailer; emergency needs, and more.

    All of the PAH Board of Directors have made pledges to this important campaign. We hope that you will join us and make a gift to the Hunt Preservation Fund. You can either send a check to:  Princess Anne Hunt at 12200 Tylers Mill Road, Charles City, VA 23030; or pay with a credit card by contacting Treasurer Tim Watson at Contact with any questions.

    All gifts are appreciated and will be recognized at the annual meeting. If you make a donation at these levels, you will receive a small PAH gift and your name will be included on a plaque at the kennels: Donor - $500; Contributor - $1000; Sustainer - $2500; Legacy $5000 and above.

    Thank you for your consideration of this important effort that supports our Huntsman, horses and hounds.

    All of our very best regards,

    Travis Gibson, MFH

    Edward Mitchell, MFH

    Merri Musso, MFH

  • Friday, November 17, 2023 4:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Princess Anne Hunt's 97th formal season began with Opening Meet on Saturday, November 11th at Sherwood Forest, home of President John Tyler. Veterans were honored by Colonel Claudia Sands, USAF (retired) and Chaplain Tim Porter who gave the Blessing of the Hounds before mounting his horse to enjoy the day's hunt. Riders wore poppy lapel pins in honor of veterans present, as well as past.

    The cold early morning and the forecast high temperature in the 60’s, promised for a good day of hunting. Special occasion meets don’t usually yield great sport; however, eventually a fox was viewed, and hollered away, across Mariwood drive, away from the river and towards Mapsico creek. All the hounds opened on the line and a chase ensued. Unfortunately, field members were not able to follow the fast disappearing pack and headed back to the Lyon’s Den tailgate.

    Our hosts William and Kay Tyler joined us for the day, along with Harrison Tyler, the grandson of President Tyler, for his 95th birthday.  About 45 riders hunted that day and 100 guests attended the Stirrup Cup and Tailgate.  Breakfast was catered by Defazio's Catering and an almond amaretto birthday cake was made by Robin Daniels. All were organized by the Opening Meet event team: Bonnie and Brad Smallwood; Terri Shiffer and David Howard; Elaine Honeycutt; Christine Sweet; Cynthia and Tim Porter and the Sherwood Forest team. Many thanks to them!

    Photographs of the day were taken by Julia Bowman and Joe Svetina of Commonwealth Artists who have some posted in the gallery at and have posted professional quality photos for purchase on their website HERE.

  • Monday, November 06, 2023 4:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    IT WAS a beautiful, 85 degree, day for 20 teams consisting of 65 riders, to compete in the 2023 PAH Fall Hunter Pace, a part of the VA Fall Hunter Pace Series, conducted with 7 other VA based MFHA hunts.
    A hunter pace is an exciting and competitive gathering that tests the skills and teamwork of riders and their horses over a cross country course.
    Participants are tasked with completing a predetermined course, at a controlled pace, aiming to achieve the optimum or fastest time, depending on the division. Those who take part in a hunter pace can expect an experience that mimics the pace and obstacles that one would encounter on a typical day of fox hunting.

    This year's course contained over 20 jumps and covered 7.5 miles through our wonderful hunt countryside in Charles City. There were 4 divisions: Optimum Time on the Flat, Optimum Time over Fences, Fastest Time on the Flat and Fastest Time over Fences.

    Winners were:
    Optimum Time on the Flat. Team Mayfair Farm
    Optimum Time over Fences. Team Off To A Flying Art
    Fastest Time on the Flat. Team Day Drinkers.
    Fastest Time over Fences. Team TruBoo

    Sincere thanks to Masters Ed Mitchell, Travis Gibson and Merri Musso for their coordination of this event!
    Thanks to Christine Sweet and Theresa Burton for overseeing the catering.
    Also to our vendors, Robin Daniels, Dreamshine Tack and Commonwealth Artists.
    Our on-course professional photographers were Joe Svetina and Julia Bowman. Their photos of the day can be found on

    A shout out to huntsman, Martyn Blackmore, who spent hours constructing and grooming the fantastic course, with the assistance of hon. whippers-in, Jerel Johnson, Courtenay Cohen, Alex Cromer and Allison Harcourt as well as PAH member, Patrick McCarthy.
    Thanks to prof. whipper-in, Sue Blackmore, for hosting our Halfway Champagne Stop.
    Thanks also to Troy Arnold and Mark Wenger, our official timekeepers.

    We had many, many volunteers behind the scenes performing tasks, big and small, and we would like to recognize that this event could not have been done without you all!

    Alexandra C Cromer, Hunter Pace chair

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2023 7:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Courtenay Cohen, wearing her PAH colors proudly, represented Princess Anne Hunt (PAH) in the 2023

    “A” rated Warrenton Horse Show over this past Labor Day weekend. Courtenay finished 6 th in the Fox

    Hunter 31-45 category and 3 rd in the Team Pairs competition joining forces with Deep Run Hunt Club.

    Courtenay has been participating in various events in preparation for the upcoming prestigious Filed

    Hunter Championships of which she hopes to represent PAH proudly again.

    Pictured above is Courtenay on her 6-yearold Irish Sport Horse “Shanbally” (barn name) and competing

    under the show name “Ludo”. All horses entered must be fairly hunted – meaning a Field Master signs

    off on the horse completing a minimum of 7 hunts of at least 2 ½ hour duration.

    The Warrenton Horse Show Association, founded in 1899, is one of the oldest equestrian exhibitions of

    its kind in the United States. Sunday is the culmination of the 5-day event with “Hunt Night”, and many

    Virginia Hunt clubs having tailgate parties along the show ring rail. Excitement peaks with Hunt Staff,

    Corinthian Class and Hunt Teams being the last 3 competitions.

  • Monday, May 29, 2023 7:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    by Katherine Mitchell and Travis Gibson

    About 50 members and guests joined the Board of Directors on Sunday at Upper Shirley Plantation to toast the new PAH year; learn about how things went last year and participate in a PAH hound show with Martyn and Sue Blackmore.  We were greeted by host Suzy Dameron with Upper Shirley champagne and the news that her first grandchild had just  been born. About 70 percent of the event teams for 2023-2024 were filled at the meeting by volunteers. Katherine will be reaching out to you this summer to sign up if you weren't able to be there.

    We all marked the occasion of the traditional "changing of the guard". Mark Wenger and Cynthia Porter concluded their terms as Board Directors as did Elaine Honneycutt who finished her term as secretary. We thank them so very much for their  service on the Board and Christine Sweet for her service as Membership Chair.  One of the most significant appointments of the year was the appointment of Merri Musso as our new Master, joining Travis Gibson, MFH and Ed Mitchell, MFH.  This is the team of Masters who will work with PAH leadership to position Princess Anne Hunt for our next century of hunting. Merri was on the nominating committee this year with Katherine Mitchell and Jerel Johnson. She oversaw the vote of Jim Daniels to the Board as Director; Rachel Toquothty as Secretary; Robin Somers-Strom as Vice President and Membership Chair; and Katherine Mitchell for another term as President. 

    Other details from the business meeting and highlights from the year can be found HERE  in the minutes from the meeting which includes the president's report;  Hounds and Hunting; the Membership report; theTrail Ride Series; and the Treasurer's Report by Tim Watson. Tim shared the numbers for last year and the news that due to inflationary increases in expenses there will be a 6 percent increase in membership dues next year, beginning in August. This is the first increase since 2019.

    Following the business meeting, Master Travis Gibson introduced the PAH Hound show and our first MFHA Junior Judging Competition.  Participating were Steven Cardoza, John Savage, Evan Savage and Sophia Savage.  Professional Judge, Matthew Cook, the Huntsman with Farmington Hunt. Eight PAH hounds competed. Members were also given judging sheets and encouraged to see if they could match scores with the professional judge. Sophia Savage won the junior judging competition. She was invited to participate in the Junior handling class at the Virginia Hound Show on Sunday, May 28th.

    After the hound show, members and guests enjoyed refreshments made by the Board of Directors and a landowners bar, manned by Mark Wenger with help from Steve Musso. We all did a good job demolishing the almond amaretto cake made by Robin Daniels who also had PAH merchandise for sale. The weather was perfect until the first drop of rain came down as we were cleaning up and heading home.

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