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Hunt family creates hound grass yards

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 11:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Sue Blackmore, Professional Whipper-In

Back in the fall of ’22, a couple of friends from NC came to visit and hunt with us. They brought another couple along and we were introduced to Ian and his fiancée, Shannon. Our new friends, who hunt with Red Mountain Hounds, had such an enjoyable time hunting as guests with PAH and, after hearing from Martyn of his desire to have grass (exercise) yards for the hounds, Ian generously offered his professional services, for no payment, to erect the fencing using the materials saved from a previous grass yard, that was taken down to get the huntsman’s house in situ. My, was the huntsman happy!

It was mid-July of ’23 when Ian, Shannon and a stock trailer full of necessary tools arrived. It turned out to be the hottest week of the summer but they, along with Martyn and a committed team of PAH members and staff, toiled for three days of blood (sometimes) sweat (constantly) and tears (some) in 90 degree plus weather until, due to not quite enough materials, the foreman ordered “down tools” Not one store in the area had what was needed to complete Ian’s project so, consequently, he and Shannon headed back to NC.

Due to Life getting in the way, for all parties involved, it was not until the first day of March, this year, that the now married couple, Ian and Shannon, returned with the materials to finish the fencing and with a gang, again of PAH people, got the job done in one day.

These grass yards, one for the bitches and one for the dogs, will be for hounds to be turned out in whilst their lodges and yards are being cleaned up, so will never be left unattended. This playtime will not replace their daily exercise, and they will still be walked out, once they are fed back in their kennels, every morning.

We are eternally grateful to Ian and Shannon and PAH welcomes them back whenever they can get here, and when certain life events are not an issue!
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